40 Day Challenge Rules

  • The challenge consists of 40 individual tasks all with the theme of “40”. Some of the challenges are easy, and some are quite tough! The goal is to complete all 40 inside the 40 days of lent. Challenges are broken down into Upper Body, Cardiovascular, Lower Body and Arm categories. You can complete as many challenges as you like per day.
Alternate Options: There is a list of alternate options to take if you find the main ones too challenging. These are mainly modified versions or lighter weights to perform the exercises with. These are also listed on the tracker sheets. Make sure to mark the modified version on your tracker sheets if you did the modified version.
Tracker Sheets: The excel tracker sheets are available to download here. Once you have downloaded it there are three pages i) Main Tracker where you fill in your progress. Hover over certain areas of the sheet for instructions on how to fill out. ii) Description; give a quick rundown of how to perform the exercise. iii) EZ Print; a quick print option for you to carry around the gym with you while attempting the exercises *note you may have to change to portrait view for it to print out on one sheet
Break into sets: Still finding the challenges tough?? Don’t give up, for those of you unable to complete the challenges I am letting you break them down into sets. If you want to do it this way (only if you really can’t complete the tasks or alternatives) do as many reps as you can and write that number down, then have up to a minute break and again do as many reps as possible, if you still haven’t completed the forty reps keep on repeating this process until you have hit your target. There will be a section on the new tracker sheets with “try 1, try 2” etc use these as sets and write in the number of reps you achieved on each exercise. For example; Push Up challenge, try 1: 18, try 2: 12, try 3: 8, try 4: 2. On each attempt you have to complete as may as possible until fatigue so you’re not allowed plan to do 4 sets of 10. With the weights of each exercise I want you to try heavy weights.
The Try # Column on the tracker sheet lets you track your progress. Say for example the push up test again, if you are taking the main challenge and only manage 33 pushups in one go, type 33 in the try 1 box. Try number 2 doesn’t have to be on the same day. The idea is you are constantly improving on the things you can’t do at the moment. When you complete a challenge, if you are recording your time mark it in, make in how far you travelled on the treadmill and other cardio task and there is a notes column where you can write in anything you found hard or easy about each of the events or how you were feeling that day.
RPE Scale: After the notes there is a RPE box, this is the Rated Perceived Exertion chart. Basically how hard the challenge was, so if you find the back extension 40 reps pretty easy you might give it a 2/10 for toughness so write 2 in the box. If you find the burpees challenge exhausting you might give it a 9 or 10/10.


  • All challenges must be completed in one go without any rest
  • All 40 challenges must be completed within the 40 days of lent
  • Challenges can be done in any order
  •  You can do as many different challenges a day as you like
  • Any amount of attempts at a singular exercise can be done, keep going until you achieve it
  •  If you don’t complete a challenge you can try it on a different day
  •  NO CHEATING!!!! You will only let down yourself
  • Only full reps count
  •  DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Try the modified version or the sets option if you are finding it far too hard
  •  Enjoy!! It will lead to a fitter you!!!
  •  If you complete an exercise you can still challenge yourself by doing it again at a heavier weight or at a faster time
  • Extra Challenge – I’m going to try to perform as many of the 40 exercises inside 1 hour during the time period. I encourage you to try to do this yourself at least once in the 40 days. 
  • Youtube – Examples of the exercises are up on my youtube page giving a description and demonstration of the ones you might not understand
  •  Reward –  Reward yourself with something when you complete the overall challenge! Let me know when you complete it and I will enter all the people who full fill the challenge (full modified or sets) into a draw to win free personal training sessions!

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