8 Week Summer Body Course

Get ready for this summer with this Fantastic 8 Week Personal Training Plan!!

Get the benefits of 17 sessions with myself for only €275!!!

I have designed a specific programme to work the body into bikini shape in 8 weeks with up to 3 Personal Training Sessions per week!

The 17 sessions are broken down the following way:

  • 2 x Consultations; Body Fat Percentage, Measurements, Fitness Tests & Workout Plan (1hr)
  • 5 x 1 Hour Sessions (Upper, Lower, Cardio & Core, Total Body Supersets, Specific PT Session)
  • 10 x 30 Minute Sessions (2x Arms, 2x Legs, 2x Plyometric/Core, 2x Cardio, 1x Pure Abs, 1x Upper)
  • Week 1: Two 1 hour sessions (Including consultation)
  • Week 2: One x 1 hour, one x 30 minute
  • Week 3: Three x 30 minute
  • Week 4: One x 1 hour
  • Week 5: One x 1 hour, one x 30 minute
  • Week 6: Two x 30 minute
  • Week 7: One x 30 minute, one x 1 hour
  • Week 8: Two x 30 minute, one by 1 hour (consultation)

You follow the programme given out on the initial consultation and adapt and add new exercises as you go along through the various weeks. The programme is designed to target all areas of the body with targeted body parts on different sessions.

Course must be fulfilled in 8 weeks and can be started at anytime.

Groups of up to 3 people can avail of the programme together:

2 People €450 (€225 each), 3 People €600 (€200 each)

About denis6

One-to-One Personal Trainer
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