September Prices Special Offers

Single Session €60
4 Sessions €220 (€55 per session) (€110 30 minute sessions)
8 Session + 1 free session €420 (€46.50 per session) (€210 30 minute sessions)
10 Session €500 + 2 free sessions (€41.50 per session) (€250 30 minute sessions)
20 Sessions €900 + 4 free sessions (€37.50 per session) (€450 30 minute sessions)
12 Weeks of Christmas Workout: €340 (€38 per hour session)
6 One Hour Session + 6 Half Hour Sessions taking you all the way up to Christmas over 12 weeks!
Alternating between 60 and 30 minute sessions each week using the hour long session for full one-to-one Personal Training Sessions to hit your main goals and the half hour slots as all over body specific designed programmes!
Training at least twice a week will allow the body to adapt to exercises quicker with the variety of the 30 minute programmes designed to target the arms, shoulders, upper thighs and abdominal muscles.
Offer can be taken at any time but all sessions must be used before Christmas. 

About denis6

One-to-One Personal Trainer
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