Fantasy 6-Nations

“Aint Got A Clue” won the Fantasy 6 Nations last years, so if you have a clue or not you could be the winner this time around!

Picking your team is easy this year as there is no salary cap or player values.
You pick your team of 15 with a maximum of three players per country and then select you kicker (this player is the only one who can score you points from penalties and conversions).

Saturday 2nd February at 1.30pm is the deadline for gameweek one.

There is a lucky dip option for those who are not in the know and if you ask nicely I might even help you out!

Players score points based on the match and what they do in the game (start, try, man of the match etc) FULL POINTS LIST

Once there is enough entrants in the league I will give a prize to the winners, so tell all your friends and make the league a good one!

To join the DTPT league simply register at and select your team and then press “Enter New League > Join Existing League” and type 37917


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