DTPT Advent Workout Calender

A challenge a day up to Christmas starting the 1st of December.

A new window will open everyday with you task of the day, log it on the completion sheet and see if you can master all 25!!

1 point for level 1, 2 for level 2 & 3 points if you complete level 3!
You can attempt each challenge twice

Click Here to download the Advent Workout Tracker Sheets (Excel File)


DAY 1: Plank in proper position for as long as possible, stop timer when you drop. Don’t let back arch or raise bum in the air
1 plank

Day 2: Preform as many Burpees in a row as you can. Alternate version; use a step. No push up in the down part, keep tempo constant

2 BurpeeDay 3: Steady pace rower. Set up Concept 2 by going Select Workout>New Workout>Single Distance>3000m. Keep pace <2.00 500m/ave to hit Level 3 target

3 Rower 3km

Day 4: Static Squat – make sure knees are bent to 90 degrees

4 Static SquatDay 5: Fitball Exchange Crunch
5 Fitball Exchange

Day 6: Upper Body Circuit Superset! Non-stop and full movent on each exercise. Test yourself!!!
6 Upper Circuit

Day 7: Big bend in both knees, no stopping!!
7 Walking LungesDay 8: Its harder than you think! Stand on one leg for as long as possible with your eyes closed!! No peeking! Use a phone timer or stop watch to time yourself. Can have as many attempts as you like
8 Single Leg Stand

Day 9: 2:2 Rhythm for Shoulder Press (Up, Up, Down, Down)

9 Shoulder Press

Day 10: Squat 1/4, 1/2 or your whole body weight for 1, 2 or 3 points. Bonus point available if you manage 10 or more reps of your chosen weight!
10 Squat

Day 11: Spin to your hearts desire!

11 Spin

Day 12: Half way through now! Lets dip it!

12 Tricep Dips

Day 13: First use of the kettlebell in the challenge! Go as heavy as you can with it

13 SwingsDay 14: Adjust step to challenging height

14 Box Jumps


Day 15: Try to do on toes, shins if you cant

15 Jackknife


Day 16: Remember to do both sides! Dumbell or kettlebell

16 Deadlift


Day 17: Complete 5km running or walking

17 5km


Day 18: Push ups to your hearts content!

18 Push Ups


Day 19: Ab blast! Reverse curls

19 Reverse Crunch


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