Fantasy 6-Nations Competition

The Guinness Fantasy Rugby 2012 Mini League is now up and running.

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DTPT 6-Nations :
Pos.  Team Manager Mn. Pts.
Last Updated: 13/04/2012 15:25:05
1  Aint got a clue Adam Byrne 62 354
2  The best team ever again andrew delaney 56 331
3  dereks demons Derek Delaney 42 325
4  Average at Best Jimmy Robertson 60 323
5  DT Scrumbags Denis Teeling 46 322
6  Deadly Blazers Lorna Dunne 43 319
7  Weve gotta maul now Phil Hollowed 34 260
8  Thumbs up….cheesy grin Adrian Malone 39 260
9  Egg Chasing BUM Lickers Darren Murphy 15 238
10  Truly Scrumptious Joanne Berry 11 233
11  Stevos Settled Squad Stephen Byrne 37 217
12  Rucking Good Rugby Stephen Callaghan 23 216
13  Butterfly Predators John Stokes 16 151
14  IrelandChampions2012 mohamed gamati 22 101

To be in with a chance of winning 2 Free Personal Training Sessions worth over €100 just enter your team in the mini-league link above (password: hacksquat), pick your squad from a budget of €100m and earn points depending on how your players and their teams perform. Whoever tops the table at the end of the 6-Nations Tournament will be the winner! Full Points Scoring Table

There are also some more great prizes to be won from site itself for the best performing teams each week and overall.

Don’t worry if you know nothing about rugby! There is a “Lucky Dip” feature that auto-selects your team for you, so no knowledge of rugby or its players is needed at all to enter this competition!

Keep an eye on the table above to track your progress throughout and remember you can make up to 4 substitutes each gameweek to improve your squad.

Please share the league code & info with your friends

League Name: DTPT 6-Nations

Password: hacksquat

Guinness 6-Nation Fantasy Rugby

1 Response to Fantasy 6-Nations Competition

  1. denis6 says:

    One entry per person
    Prize can be transferred to another person

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