Olympics Competition

Go for gold in my Olympic Competition!!

Simply fill out an entry card that can be found at reception or at the gym desk in énergie Fitness Rathfarnham and hand in to submit your entry!

If you do not attend the gym you can still enter by emailing me on dtpt20@gmail.com with the word OLYMPIC in the subject line and I will send you out an entry form.

All you have to do with the entry form is pick which countries you think will win gold in the five listed events. The four favourites for each event are listed from left to right and there is an “other” box if you thing any other country will take the top prize.

  • Winner is the person with most correct guesses
  • In the event of a tie all correct entries go into a draw
  • One entry per person
  • 16+
  • Entries will be added to the DTPT mailing list
  • Prize voucher is transferable

GOLD: 4 Session PT Voucher
SILVER: 2 Session Voucher
BRONZE: Single Session Voucher

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